Pakistani Underground Demands an Apology from Pardhaan over “Unhe Chod do”

(Last Updated On: December 17, 2016)

Recently Pardhan released his latest song Unhe Chod Do for giving tribute to Indian army but in his song Pardhan used to talk about Pakistan and Pakistan Army (Indirectly). After releasing of the song Pardhaan started to reduce fan following while his fans from pakistan lost their mind over his song. Moreover Pakistani underground artists demanded an apology from parhaan from creating controversial song Unhe Chod Do.

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Pakistani Underground Demands an Apology from Pardhaan over "Unhe Chod do"

While Talking to MuzEnt, Ali Kaz stated; “I want to clear a few things up.
1- We do not have a problem with Pardhaan making a song about Indian army. We are only against Pardhaan’s action of disrespecting Pakistan army, people and rappers. If you compare my song #Fauj_da_jawan which came 3 years before him, I only glorified Pak army without disrespecting my Indian fans and friends, which resulted in getting many more Indian fans that I have today. I always preached about unity and so does my Indian friends.
2- As per Desi Hiphop, Pardhaan’s actions are dividing Desihiphop to Indian & Pakistani hiphop which should also be a big concern. Our countries are already divided so does the most of people living in the both sides of the border. But I don’t want Desi HipHop be divided. This is the only thing that is connecting India and Pakistan, we are both doing a great job together, we are spreading HipHop together and our unity brings Indian and Pakistani brothers together. So stop the hate.
3- But We do demand an apology from Pardhaan and because we are people with big hearts we will forgive him”

Ali Kaz Talking about Pardhaan

So, in above statement Ali Kaz asked Pardhan to apology over his song Unhe Chod Do, however if he is not going to do then I want to clear one more thing that Underground scene in Pakistan is very hot these days and they will never wait for a long time for giving reply to him. Recently we got into touch with few of underground rappers and all of them are ready to attack on pardhaan by lyrical way. Let’s see what is going to be happen in underground scene of Pakistani and India.