Oochi Ignored Fawad Khan In Lift [Oye Hoye Chips TVC]

(Last Updated On: July 25, 2016)

Oochi is my favorite character for his idiotic behaviors in all TVCs of Oye Hoye Chips. Recently Oye Hoye launched their new TVC but this time they have tried a unique and different way. So, today I am going to discuss that Why Oochi Ignored Fawad Khan In Lift?

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Oochi Ignored Fawad Khan In Lift [Oye Hoye Chips TVC]

One day Oochi awake too late while he had to attend meeting in his office so, he went office fast but he forgot to wear his pent. When he was going toward his office, in elevator He met Fawad Khan, but Oochi Ignored Fawad Khan in lift. Fawad Khan himself wanted to talk with Oochi but he ignored fawad for every time.

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Actually Fawad Khan wanted to tell him that Oochi didn’t wear his pent in worry but all in vein. When the door of elevator opened oochi got amazed when people started to make his photos and the reason was his missing pent.

Oochi Forget to Wear His Pent

So, above I’ve shared the story of latest Oye Hoye Chips TVC in which Oochi Ignored Fawad Khan, Now you should watch tvc video by yourself.

Oochi VS Fawad Khan TVC Video