How to Do Online Shopping in Pakistan?

(Last Updated On: November 12, 2016)

Online shopping in Pakistan was not very easy before three to five years but now a days online shopping is one of the easiest way for buy things from your home in Pakistan. But still some of our fellow people don’t that how can they purchase things on internet by sitting in their homes. So, In this article I am going to discuss about online shopping in Pakistan with free home delivery, and how to do online shopping in Pakistan?

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 How to do online shopping in Pakistan?
How To Shop Things Online in Pakistan:

So, now I am going to discuss about the online shopping in Pakistan which will consist of below mentioned topics. So, here we go;

  1. Which Type of Products You Can Buy?
  2. What’s the procedure for Payment?
  3. How will you receive your products?

Which Type of Things You Can Buy?:

Well, it’s depend upon you that which type of products you want to buy? There are some websites which are selling almost everything on internet like Dresses, Fashionwear, Perfumes, Watches, Home Appliances, Elctronic, Cameras and computers. Some recommended websites are mentioned below;


I will recommend you to buy your desired products from above mentioned websites because they are not just only woo commerce sites but they are trusted brands.

What’s Procedure of Payment?:

So, you got the all points which I discussed above. But now you don’t know how can you pay them against of your desired products so you can receive it in your home? It’s not a big deal in these days because all websites are proving more than one payment method and you can choose any of them which is reliable for you. You can make payment through

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  1. Credit Cards
  2. Easypay or JazzCash
  3. Pay on delivery

How will you receive products?:

The most important question raises in minds of our people that how they will receive their products or if someone scams them then what will do? You really don’t need to take any tension and I am repeating that the websites which I mentioned above are trustworthy brands and they will never ever cheat you for little amount of money.

All you need to do is choosing your desired product from any of above mentioned website, or make them a call if you need any further information so, you can discuss them directly. They will ask about your name, contact details and about your address. After confirmation they will book your order and usually it takes between 5-7 days for shipping of the product. However you will receive your product under 7 days.
Note: As I mentioned that shopping online in Pakistan is very easy but I want to mention another thing as well that Scamming people is more easiest that online shopping in Pakistan.
You might have seen some advertisement on Facebook like “3 in 1 offer“, “Buy old Nokia phone is cheap price“. They are nothing but scam so, I will ask you to not buy anything from them because once you bought something from those people and then believe me they will not even attend your call in case if they sent you the wrong product.
So, in this article I discussed about the online shopping in Pakistan and I hope now you will be able to buy anything from internet by sitting in your home.