One Million Streams Per Month as An Independent Artist

(Last Updated On: August 3, 2020)

Is it possible? I mean, you can only get millions of streams and sales when you’re a popular artist on a huge label right?


DJ and producer Bluethunder proved that it’s possible for an artist who is not signed to a label to get one million streams.

Early last year, most of the people did not hear of him yet, but after recent hits such as ‘You Will Never Break Me‘ and his most recent release ‘On My Way To You‘, this star seems to be rising. For the people that do not know him, he’s an upcoming independent artist from a little city in the Netherlands called Breda.

Now if you know the history of this city then you know a lot of popular DJ’s are born and raised there. Think of names such as Hardwell and Tiësto. Bluethunder has been an unknown name for quite some time, starting in 2010 and releasing his first every track at 2014, the producer has been quietly on the rise. With the release of ‘You Will Never Break Me’ last year and ‘On My Way To You’ this year, Bluethunder exploded onto the scene and got noticed by lots of new fans.

One Million Streams Per Month as An Independent Artist

Even though you may not know Bluethunder, as a DJ, he has been playing at some major shows and winning competitions in his own country. Since our audience is mostly American, we will give you the audience numbers of the shows played at which are respectively more than 15.000 people on average. As a producer, Bluethunder’s signature sound is found in his Future House/Future Bounce productions. Needless to say is that his productions sound unique in that genre – this could be part of the reason for his recent success.

In an interview Bluethunder had some time ago, he explained that the COVID situation has actually been quite good to him. While feeling for the people deeply affected by the situation, he expressed that he took the time to work on marketing and producing new music.

The DJ/producer noted that he has a lot more music coming up. In fact, his new release on the 12th of August called ‘Going Down‘ will be the dawn of a new era for him, he says.

Already mustering support from the likes of nonother than Don Diablo himself, there’s no doubt this will be a big banger. Perhaps we will see Bluethunder being signed to a label sometime soon, however, it seems like he is doing just fine on his own.

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