NO, You’re Hating a Wrong Uzma Khan

(Last Updated On: June 4, 2020)

As now a days Uzma Khan and ‘s matter is hot cup in town. A lot of people were supporting Uzma Khan while on other hand some people were hating her and considered her as an homewrecker which is pretty true.

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NO, You're Hating a Wrong Uzma Khan

Those people who are against Uzma started saying bad things about her, and they were posting some negative comments on her instagram posts.

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But there is a twist in the story. Actually they are leaving comments under the posts of Uzma Khan who is actually a singer. It was quite shocking for more when I read those comments like “G g bilkul kafi fame mil rha jnb ko”, “Iska scandal aa gya 😂”. You can also check out comments under this post.

If You want to hate Uzma Khan then You’re free to do but at least verify twice before leaving comments on posts of another person. One thing I would like to clear is: Uzma Khan (actress) username on instagram is “uzmakhanofficial” while Uzma Khan (singer) username is “uzmakhanofficial”. I hope this will help you to differentiate between both Uzmas.

So, in this article we have just clarified that people are sending hate to another Uzma Khan instead of the actual one. Stay tuned with us for more latest Pakistani Showbiz news updates.