There is NO RAP in Dholiya [Exclusive Interview with Kru172]

(Last Updated On: May 17, 2017)

Kru172 are all set to drop their next banger ‘Dholiya’ on 22th of the may, we had a short interview with Kru172 about their upcoming song. So, here we go;

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Exclusive Interview with Kru172

Q: By artwork of the track, it’s seems to be the production of none other than Kru 172. So, let us know that ‘Rap’ is also included in it or not?
Ans: This is a straight bhangra track. The sound is influenced by 90’s bhangra. The beat obviously has that hip-hop influence, but there is no rap this time.

Q: As Kru 172 is Desi Reggaeton Kings, so this track gonna be a Reggae or Bhangra?
Ans: The track is Bhangra, mixed with old skool hip-hop. A style popularised by people like Panjabi MC, Tru Skool and DJ HMD.
However we do have a reggaeton release coming up in the next few weeks.

Q: Did you guys approach Jageer Singh or he approached you?
Ans: Jageer is a friend of ours, we have known him for a few years now, but a collaboration never happened. He’s more into sufi music, he mostly sings Qawwali and ghazals and stuff. That’s his main genre. One day we were all just jamming and he was singing an old folk song. That’s when i thought he might be fit for this song.

Q: How did idea of this track come? Tell us the story behind all this.
Ans: The track was written by my cousin a few years ago. He mostly writes poetry. I liked this particular song and picked it up from him. We recorded a few different demos with a few different vocalists and styles, but it didn’t really work out till we showed the track to Jageer. We asked him to try singing it and he smashed it in first go. That’s when we decided to move forward with this project. For the video i had this particular concept in the mind. It took months just to get the video all together. I would like to give a shoutout to the guys at Frame Art fotography for handling the camera duties for the video. For the rest you guys just have to wait for may 22nd. We will be revealing more info on our instagram page in the coming days.