The Next Big Thing In Desi HipHop [The Siege’s Exclusive Interview]

(Last Updated On: May 16, 2017)

In our previous article we shared Muskan Jay’s Latest Song and now here we are going to share the exclusive interview of The Siege. So, here we go;

Q: What would you define this song- Kalam as?

A- This song was written around a year ago at the time when violence was prevalent in the country. I would just call it my frustration expressed on a page and recorded over a beat. I din’t focus much on lyricism or technical aspects. I just kept writing what I felt, which turned into something beautiful.

Q: Are there any specific events that brought you to pen out such a song? What was going through your mind?
A- The thing that agitated me to go ahead and write this the most was disappointment. Disappointment in the people around me, the state of the country, myself and my actions. This was more of a therapy for myself.

Q: Tell us about the video.

A- The video is produced by team Rolling Shutter and DIR. This was conceptualized and directed by Rahul Chavan. Cameras were handled by Rahul Chavan, Vignesh Kariyal, Chaitanya Sule and Shubham Singh. Locations that were used in this video were around the Navi Mumbai area. This was a two day shoot, and we were working the whole two days. The product is worth it, wait for it.
Q: Which international/desi rappers do you listen to the most and would consider to be an inspiration?

A- I listen to a lot of rappers. The ones on my playlist on this day are Kendrick Lamar, Russ, Phora and Big Sean. The Indian rappers I like listening to are Divine and Enkore.
Q: What is the future for The Siege like?

A- I have been focusing on writing a whole variety of stuff ranging from some soulful music to talking about God. I plan on dropping a solo mixtape later this year. I don’t plan on being the best, I just want to put my art out and change a life or two. That’s what the future holds, I am confident.