New Song ‘Lil Fav’ by SAVANNA

(Last Updated On: March 22, 2021)

19 MARCH 2021 – Toronto-Based R&B Artist Savanna is thrilled to announce the release of ‘Lil Fav’, her first single and video debut of the year.

New Song 'Lil Fav' by SAVANNA

‘Lil Fav’ was written by Savanna as an expression of what it feels like to be disconnected; from others and ultimately from yourself. “It’s definitely a moment of self reflection,” Savanna says. “It was just one of those moments of insecurity and wondering. Using music as a vessel for expression has been one of the ways I’ve understood my feelings.” The new single was produced by Level and mastered by Nate Smith.

Savanna worked with LeFou to bring ‘Lil Fav’ to life in her music video debut. “The video highlights the idea of a love story that starts with yourself.” Written and directed by Le Fou, the video showcases that real love is choosing growth and reflection for yourself first.

Le Fou is a multifaceted creative based in Toronto.

Watch “Lil Fav” music video here:

“Lil Fav” is available on all streaming platforms: Apple Music, Spotify.

About Savanna:
Savanna is a Toronto-based artist whose style and grace have reimagined R&B music in the city. Her flow is catchy and vibrant, with lyrical stories that give you a taste of her authenticity, finesse, and the world she experiences around her.

Over the past 5 years, Savanna has been perfecting her sound and creating a buzz on Soundcloud. She’s released multiple singles, personal projects such as ‘Butterfly EP’, and has collaborated with emerging artists in the city like GOVI, Ansar., and Jon Vinyl.
Be sure to stay tuned as she is working on more music, set to be released in 2021.
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