Neha Kakkar Cried in a Wedding Show

(Last Updated On: February 19, 2017)

Being an artist you have to hide your feelings but what will you do when someone plays with your feelings? Recently Neha Kakkar was doing a wedding show and she cried in it.

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Neha Kakkar Cried in a Wedding Show

Last night Neha updated a status on her facebook account in which she is very disappointed with the event organizer and she also told that tears came out from her eyes. Neha Said; “We do Pre Weddings.. So today the event company fooled us by saying it’s a Pre Wedding Gig when I landed they told us it’s the Wedding Day only.. So anyway I had to perform since we had already promised.. After being Unwell I performed for 60 mins and gave my 100% after 60 mins I coudnt perform more and came down, told the organiser that I’m not feeling well I’ve to leave, they said You Cannot Move from here until you Perform More”

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“I told those people I’m sorry I won’t be able to perform more, I’m not in a condition to perform but they all Kept on Clicking Pics with Me even after knowing the fact that I’m not well and I had to go on stage again and then I broke down on stage itself.. Coudnt control my tears.. Regretted being a celebrity for a sec. today….. I know whatever I am today it’s because of You guys.. But don’t I deserve a break when I’m not well?” She added.