Here is All You Need to Know About Balochi Rap Scene

(Last Updated On: August 19, 2017)

Balochi rap was first started back in 2006. It was all done for fun with no serious approach recorded with Skype mic using instrumentals of famous tracks such as Dale by Don Omar.
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There is a lot of confusion about who started it first Hijack Hood with Sambhaal brat? Or MD feat. ASEEMIYA AND SAJ together in Kaale or LUG from Lyari.

It’s not confirm yet who were the real founder but achi tara 2007 me start howa jab Dj Hoath Iran main Baloch Unit k member Aseemiya aur DWolf se mila. Dj Hoath jo k Baloch Vampires rap crew ka.founder bhi hai us ne hi Balochi Rap ko competitive banaya diss game start karke. Beats hon ya vocals quality ho ya lyricism tamam.chizo ko point out kiya gaya us diss era main jis ki waja se hi Baloch Unit Baloch Vampires aur LUG k kaam main behtri ayi.Baloch Vampire malir se hai aur
Members of Baloch Vampires Rap Crew 

Dj Hoath
Dj Hoath
Hitler donedo
Crush diamond
hijack hood

First rap group from liyari was LUG liyari underground rappers. The founder of group was M4 at first the group had 10 members but after some times M4 only kept those people who were talented and aded some new members to the crew,

Lug members

Lug members
Danger baloch
Abood comander
desert eagle
slipknot denna
Dj khalifa
Dj killa

Now lets talk about Baloch Unit

Baloch unit is from malir its run together by Aseemiya and Saj and these two are the founders of this crew. They had lots of hit songs like Laila o laila / Bware of Dwolf / Shap cho tahar E / Mirror and more. LAILA O Laila is the most played Balochi Rap on Soundcloud.Baloch Unit group main ek Punjabi rapper hai yeh bat sun kar kafi log pochte hain k balochip rap crew aur punjabi rapper? Isi ka answer Baloch Unit hai uniting races thru rap medium.DJ Rash is the last addition to the crew he is the music producer living in Qatar.

Lug members
Members of baloch unit
G rhyno
Dj Rash


These were the groups now lets talk about solo rappers

Hassong nigger
Hasson is like OG of balochi rap he mainly do Oldschool and got lot a respect in balochi rap game he is also started his career in 2007 and he is from Bahrain
There are lots of other rappers in liyari and malir
One of them is meer saab
he made The first balochi music video and had a group By the name of KD boys all of his group members are gone from rap sceene now and he is doin it solo from liyari

Bullet Maliry from malir he is in the seen from 2010 bullet is well known becouze of his crazy flow
: DR roy first he was the member Of group Ajooi
The founder of group was
Shah baloch A balochi rapper from Iran
The group members
Hasson nigger
Sk soundkiller
Dr roy
there group is not any more
But shah hasson and sk soundkiller are still active in the rap scene
Vahid tarkesh
hossain haft

These are balochi rappers from iran and these guyz are from diffrent areas of sistan and balochistan iran And have there own styles of rap they are mostly underground.

In 2015 sami amiri came in the balochi rap seen and took it to the new level with his crazy delivry and wordplay he is currently the fastest balochi rap he did 40 words in 10 seconds in one of his songs which were released 3 months ago he is well known from his remixes that he do on of his biggest hits was track dictator an he is basically from iran. The first balochi female rapper was crushed diamond. Member of baloch vempire group And another 1 is arnisha baloch. Arnisha came in the seen last year but Crush dimond is from 2013.

Balochi rap is blowing the rap scene in pak these days and making lots of moves 2017 was a golden year for balochi rap. Baloch vampire released his long awaited album
LUG made it to Pak mainstream .Sami amiri released a video song And got featured in a Somewhatsupers EP and his song is going to be released soon with the official music video.

Sami Amiri
Baloch UNit is doing a Big feature with desi HipHop and going to drop its first music video
Meer saab is also going to drop a video soon. Several balochi concerts happened in Karachi Such as Beat The Heat