Near Death Experience – Moves

(Last Updated On: December 24, 2020)

Near Death Experience pick up where they left off. The band have only just caught their breath from their last gem ‘Conquer’ but are back at it with ‘Moves’.

As you would expect from this band, they bring the stadium fever repeatedly with a triumphant indie anthem. It has all the ingredients to be a hit smasher, and it has plenty of new sounds to keep the fire burning. Kicking off is singer ‘Ian Whiteling’ fastening us firmly into our seat.

Vocally, Ian proves that he has even more power up his sleeve than the last, he sings with even more conviction on this piece, and although ‘Conquer’ was a treat, this one to me is even more potent. It has a raspy vocal sound which we do not hear all too often these days. It is evidence that Ian is a vocal force and he leverages it here for all the world to see and if you have the talent, flaunt it, right, Ian?

As the track progresses, it builds into something quite the jewel. I savour how they have taken influence and kept a similar sound to their backlog but brought new essences to the forefront. So much so, we hear a unique bassline style which is very clear, unlike Conquer where it took more of a backseat.

Overall, it is a track which comes with enjoyment. It is music to my ears for an indie lover myself with the guitars and vocals sticking out like a golden flame. But, I am eager to hear what else they have in store and also if they will stick with this signature sound.