Nazia Hassan You Are Still In Our Hearts After 15 Year

(Last Updated On: August 13, 2015)

Nazia Hassan You Are Still In Our Hearts After 15 YearNazia Hassan who introduced new way of singing in the world of music but unfortunately we lost that masterpiece  fifteen years ago which is very sad for all music lovers from Pakistan and India. Nazia Hassan took her start from a television program “Sang Sang Chalay” and her brother Zohaib Hassan was also along with her in the journey of music. Both of them are known as Creator of Pakistani Pop Music, who sung their most famous song “Ap Jaisa Koi Zindagi Mein Aye” in an indian movie “Qurbani“. And this song have her a new fame.

The first album of Nazia Hassan “Disco Dewanay” was released in 1982 who nailed her fame and she got a big place in the music world in very less time. She got Pride of Performance and many other awards for her songs and albums.

Nazia Hassan died on 13 August, 2000 due to cancer 🙁 May ALLAH Grant Her A Great Place In Paradise.

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