Navin Waqar & Haroon Shahid Paired up for Momina Durraid’s Next Serial

(Last Updated On: August 26, 2018)

Navin Waqar and Haroon Shahid are working on a new drama serial titled Tajdeed e Wafa which will air on Hum TV in September.

Navin Waqar & Haroon Shahid Paired up for Momina Durraid's Next Serial

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Tajdeed e Wafa an upcoming drama serial of Hum TV, is produced by none other than Momina Durraid while direction is given by Ilyas Kashmiri and the story of this drama is penned down by Sameera Fazal. This will be the third project of Navin Waqar with Ilyas Kashmiri, last time she worked with him for Kuch Na Kaho.

According to Navin, Tajdeede Wafa is about family values. It’s about how parents influence their children by making an example of the kind of relationship they have with each other, and how it affects the kids’ relationships once they are adults. It’s about the sacrifices that come with love and how far someone can go just to make a relationship work. It’s a bittersweet story with plenty of laugh out loud moments and how true it is when it’s said kids are a reflection of their parents.”

The Humsafar actor added about her character, “I play Neha. She is an independent working woman with a practical and no-nonsense approach to life. She is witty, hard working and sassy and her family is very important to her.

“What I like about her is that she is very strong, slightly bossy, is in no way doormat and believes that if two people aren’t getting along they should amicably part ways. The biggest obstacle she is facing is that she and the man she has married out of love doesn’t seem to be putting any work into their marriage and she feels the burden of it entirely. Yet, to their family they seem to be the picture perfect example of how a husband and wife should be.”

“The experience has been a good one so far as it’s a fun cast. We have been shooting in Islamabad and still have another spell to go.”

Haroon Shahid also revealed about the other cast of the drama, which would also include Ainy Jaffri, Ahmed Ali, Abid Ali and Laila Zuberi.

“Ahmed Ali and I are playing brothers in the drama. I’m enjoying working on it but after doing a film, I’ve realised that drama is much more difficult and way more demanding,” added Haroon.

He added about the drama, “Its a very different story. There’s no saas bahu story or any love triangle or rectangle either. There are a lot of stories in parallel, with basis for all of them being the importance of wafa or loyalty in your life.”

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