naQsh To Release Latest Music Video ‘Kaka’

(Last Updated On: April 17, 2018)

Canadian Indo-Pak band naQsh has made an official announcement regarding the release of their upcoming music video Kaka. The band has confirmed that the video, which is the last single from their debut album Saptak, will be officially released on 18th April’18.

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naQsh To Release Latest Music Video ‘Kaka'

The music video was shot in Canada a few weeks back. It has been directed by Herado Films. The teaser of the video features the band in a funky retro look, and has an upbeat energetic theme which is in line with the mood of the song. Kaka is a pop-rock youth anthem, which stays true to naQsh’s organic sound while putting a surprising fun flare on the overall song.

Speaking about the concept behind the song and video of Kaka, lead vocalist of naQsh Daksh Kubba said, “There are so many international students here from Pakistan and India and we all know the feeling of staying away from home, missing our family, doing our own laundry and making our own food because we have been spoiled by our mothers until now ☺ This tells you about the college life as we go through it, the friends, the relationships, the breakups. Lyrically it’s probably one of our best works yet.”