Nakir Tasi

(Last Updated On: November 18, 2018)

Nakir Tasi was born and raised in south jersey along with his five siblings.Growing up he was amazed by the art we call music and poetry but not because of the song itslef but because of the lyrics. They spoke to him inways that nothing has before. He didn’t start making music himself until he was 16 in which he begun connecting with artist and creating bonds and relationships that will benifit him in the long run

This year he created and signed himself to his very own imprint, NEVER SETTLE MUSIC GROUP and is in the process of working on his debut album ” Blessing’s In Disguise’ which is set to release on November 26th of 2018

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I am Zaib Abbasi, CEO of MuzEnt while am a poet, and a proud PAKISTANI.