Na Band Na Baraati the Worst Pakistani Movie Ever

(Last Updated On: July 8, 2018)

The worst movie to be ever made in Pakistan was Na Band Na Baraati and it is because of greedy actors like Mikaal Zulfiqar who allow for such films as they sign these films.

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Na Band Na Baraati the Worst Pakistani Movie Ever

The man who is Shayan Khan Farooqi is neither an actor nor a performer of any sort and still has kept promoting such a terrible film. This is the lowest Pakistani cinema has ever seen. A film is a canvas of art and the producers have neither put heart or soul in the making of the film.

The editing seems to be done by a high schooler and hence the film is this horrible. The addition of a very bad actor who launched himself as an actor was a huge mistake as the audience was rolling with laughter at Shayan Khan Farooqi. The first 5 minutes into the film and you know that it was a huge mistake spending your money. Mikaal Zulfiqar as an actor looked nothing less than just a drama actor doing a cameo role. It was nothing special watching him on the big screen. It was as if the blind was leading the blind in this movie. Mikaal looked like a dork with a dork.

Anzhelika Tahir’s dubbing was done so bad that words were not matching and most of the time her back was in focus and scenes cut off. Nayab Khan should just not think of acting as she could not act properly in even one scene. Ali Kazmi did not even fit the role of the mechanic and his role is still confusing. But even putting everyone aside, the film is a flop due to debutante Shayan Khan Farooqi. It was a pain seeing his facial expressions and his comedic dance moves.