‘My Father is My Identity’ Said Arif Lohar

(Last Updated On: September 3, 2016)

The popular Pakistani folk singer Arif Lohar said; “The nations which forget their culture, in coming days they couldn’t be the part of history. My father kindled the lamp with singing at that time and now I am still lighting that lamp because I want to raise show the culture of Pakistan to allover the world“.

Arif Lohar

While talking to Express News Arif Lohar said;

No one can take the position of legends, the work which my father has done, I can’t do anything like him but still I am proud of that my Identity is my Father.

In answer of a question he said; “I didn’t had any disciples for singing but if someone wants to learn from me then definitely I will teach him”

Moreover he denied to work in any movie because he said the thing which he can do in a better way is perfect for him.

Source: Express.pk

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