My family has money so I should become Hero, #NaBandNaBaraatiReview

(Last Updated On: June 17, 2018)

On this Eid ul Fitar four Pakistani movies got released including and today here we are sharing the exclusive review of Na Band Na Baraati. So, here we go;

Na Band Na Baraati Review

Na Band Na Barati Movie Review

I decided not to comment on bad #PakistaniFilms during first weekend. However #NaBandNaBarati is so bad that it pushes me to break my own commitment. My family has money so I should become hero. This is the only reason why Shayan Khan acted in something which he preferred to call a film. He provided us several opportunities to laugh our heart out for all the wrong reasons. His acting, dancing, dialogue delivery was so pathetic that even a 5 grader can do better.

Being brother of producer he managed to grab every possible screen time from fellow actors. He is actually the hero of this movie in which Mikaal Zulfiqar was playing a role of his elder brother.

There is everything wrong with Na Band Na Baraati from storyline, to framing, to dance and overall production. This type of films will only help pushing away the audience from Pakistani Films in future.

Note: All credits of this review goes to Hasan Kazmi