MuzEnt Is Going Bigger and Will Compete All Big Blogs

(Last Updated On: October 21, 2015)

Today we are not going to share any news about bollywood, lollywood or music but today its aMuzEnt About Usll about MuzEnt, yes in this article today I will show you that how muzent is still rocking without any hardwork. But before going deep I want to mention just one thing that I am not working regularly on this blog but still I didn’t give up to muzent and I think this is the reason for which MuzEnt is going bigger. Thank You So Much ALLAH G 🙂

Our Start:

We took our start few months ago and now here you will get to know that which thing forced us to start

One day I was sitting spare and a thought came in my mind that I should start a blog where I can promote the real talent of our artists. but then I asked from my self that how can I make this type of blog and who will visit it? then another thought came into my mind that there should be a blog for Music and Entertainment which will also help me to promote the talented artists.

So , after that I choose a name MuzEnt which is actually combination of two words Music and Entertainment. After choosing the name i created a channel on Dailymotion which became popular then I said to my self that now its perfect time for buying domain and hosting for blog. And today we are becoming more and more popular.

Our Efforts:

If I talk about ‘Our Efforts’ then I think this word would be wrong because I am the single person behind my blog mean that I am CEO of MuzEnt and as well an employ. We, I want to say thanks to all of those people who helped me little or big 🙂

Now here I am going to put light on some efforts,When I started this blog I didn’t have a theme for stylizing my blog but after sometime I got a theme but I was facing many problems because I was new on WordPress but withing four days I used to of it. I also faced many problems regarding Seo, Finding Artists for Interviews and many more but ALHAMDULILLAH I did’t give up.

Our Achievement:

Well if talk about achievement then its not about that how much I earned from my blog but It’s all about the relations which I got because of MuzEnt. First of all I got in touch with Ambreen Latif who is owner of MyiPedia and then I got my brother Sohail Kalyug Rockerx. Both of these are very interesting helpful and close to me. Did I mention any thing about TaZzZ??? I also got another brother Tanveer Ullah who is also known as TaZzZ, he is very artistic and down to earth person.

We also achieved many things which I can describe in words.

Moreover our social profiles Including our YouTube, DailyMotion and SoundCloud channels are rising day by day and its very interesting for me 🙂

Final Words:

As above i mentioned that MuzEnt is going bigger so for that I want to say Thank You to ALLAH and after that I am very thankful to loyal readers of this blog who helped me to make this blog bigger. I Will Just Say;

You Guys Are Awesome


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