Muslim Artists and Offensive Behavior of Shiv Sena

(Last Updated On: November 29, 2015)

Few months ago in India an Indian political party “Shiv Sena” protest against the legend Pakistani singer “Ghulam Ali” after that Pakistani people are feeling bad and sorry for this offensive behavior with their legendary artist. But this thing ended with one or two weeks and again we will start the singing “Aman Ki Asha” and when any Indian artist will come to Pakistan they will give him VIP Protocol and will purchase their ticket for 25, 25 thousand for a single show and will die for shoot a single picture with Indian artist because every time the behavior of India with Pakistani artists was very rude and in Pakistan they always welcome Indian artists.


Report About Offensive Behavior of Shiv Sena Against Muslim Artists
If talk about Ghulam Ali then first of all in an Indian film “Nikah” sung his most famous ghazal “Chupkay Chupkay Ansu Bahana Yaad Hai” and after that he got famous in india and approximately in thirty years every two or three years he went to India and earned a lot money but the recently protest of shev sina opened his eyes. Because after getting fame in india, Ghulam Ali left the Pakistani promoters and he asked for a big money for show in Pakistan which they can’t paid and hence they didn’t ask him for show. Once he said that; “I earned enough money through so I don’t have any need to do show in Pakistan”. After this condition may be he will be aware to the importance of country.

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From the first the offensive behavior is growing in the Indians so that’s why sometime Pakistani artist becomes the point of their reaction and sometimes the Muslim actors living in the India. Another example of this offensive behavior is Muslim Indian actor Amir Khan. His recently made film “PK” faced a lot of problem due to offensive hindus but still this film got a massive success. Whereas Sanjay Datt is also facing the jail. Salman Khan is also facing many cases the recently case on him is a big example of it. Shah Rukh also got the message to leave india.

A Pakistani based singer who thinks him self Indian Adnan Sami also faced the relative condition and for him they started a revolution that he should leave india. The last year a Pakistani Sofi Band wanted to press conference but workers of shev sina destroyed that conference. The musical group of sons of Ustaad Hamid Ali Khan also faced many problems. Their shows had been canceled and after that they had to come back without any show. The comedy king Shakeel Sidiqui was beaten by shev sina’s worker after that he didn’t went to india. If we search in past then we knew that Indian actor Manuj Kamuar casted the legendary actor Muhammad Ali in his film “Clerk” but after the reaction of shev sina just scene of Muhammad Ali were on aired in cinemas and ninety percent of his act was cut out from the film. Who can forget the money laundering case on Rahat Fateh which was just a Conspiracy on infamous Pakistan? In short they tried their best to infamous the muslim and Pakistani Artists.

In the end I will say that if artists of both countries work without any pressure then they can beat the hollywood. So, it was first article on I hope you will like it. And one thing more don’t forget to share, its help us a lot.

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