Muskan Jay Is Ready To Release Her Latest Single “Channa”

(Last Updated On: March 22, 2016)

Recentely Muskan Jay was busy in shooting of her upcoming song Channa when she got free we caught her and took a short interview of Muskan Jay in which she revealed a lot of things about her upcoming song Channa.

Muskan Jay Is Ready To Release Her Latest Single "Channa"

So, here we are going to publish the exclusive interview of Muskan Jay about Channa Song.

Q1: Hey Muskan how are you?
Ans: I am fit and fine.
Q2: How was your shooting?
Ans: Ahh what should I say but it made me tired enough because I am also giving direction as well.
Q3: Let us know about your upcoming song?Ans: Well, the name of my upcoming single is Channa which is a song for lovers.
Q4: What is the story of song?
Ans: As above I mentioned that it’s a love song then story is also about a love story.
Q5: When you gonna release?
Ans: Within a week this song will be released. But for that I need support of my fans and friends.

So, guys you got to know that within a week Muskan is going to release her upcoming song Channa so be ready and do support her.