Mortien & Metro Cash and Carry Join Hands for a Nationwide Awareness Drive

(Last Updated On: October 23, 2019)

Mortein, Pakistan’s leading pest control brand, has joined hands with Metro Cash and Carry for a nationwide awareness drive across all their stores. This was announced at a press briefing held at the Metro Store in Lahore.

Mortein, being a leading pest-control brand, has placed special anti-dengue kits at discounted prices at all Metro check-out counters to make the product accessible to consumers. Since prevention is better than cure, the two parties will also ensure educational pamphlets and in-store educators to spread awareness about dengue prevention to all metro customers.

Pakistan is experiencing the worst outbreak of dengue since 2010 with more than 30,000+ cases and 45+ number of deaths reported across the nation in the last two months. With more rain, there are more breeding places for mosquitoes and thus the situation in the country has become grave.

Talking about this partnership, Akbar Ali Shah, Chief Executive, RB Hygiene Home Pakistan said, “One of the major reasons for the current outbreak is the lack of public access to quality dengue preventive products in this season compared to previous years. As a responsible corporate citizen, we are trying our best to reach out to our consumers with the message of prevention from dengue through educational material, right partnerships, media campaigns and right product solutions. This step is a testament of our commitment to end dengue and other mosquito borne diseases from this country. We need to declare a dengue emergency in the country because if we do not take action right now this will be a much larger and lethal problem in the next mosquito season in March 2020.”

Marek Minkiewicz, Managing Director, Metro Cash and Carry, stated: “We support Mortein entirely and are pleased to be a part of their initiative. We strongly feel that the only way to control this epidemic is to educate people about preventive measures.”

Some of the main reasons behind the current dengue outbreak include piling up of stagnant water, increase in wastage and lack of cleanliness. Prevention is the only cure and some ways that can be adopted to keep yourself safe from dengue are by wearing full sleeve clothing, staying in a well screened housing, reducing mosquito habitat and most importantly using quality pest control products like Mortein.