Mere Mohsin Mega Episode Review: The best so far!

Soha and Mohsin reunite after a brief period of staying apart.

(Last Updated On: November 21, 2019)

Starring the versatile Rabab Hashim and heartthrob Syed Jibran, Mere Mohsin is a run-of-the-mill love story between two individuals Soha and Mohsin, belonging to entirely different family backgrounds who chose to tie the knot against their parent’s consent. What follows is an emotional journey, full of ups and downs, for the couple whose decision of marriage has adversely affected some of their very close relations and now they are up for revenge, making plans to get the love birds separated.

This week’s episode was the best so far and took the story forward on a positive note. A small misunderstanding that had led to Soha considering Khula from Mohsin has now been cleared due to Mohsin’s sister Batool’s constant efforts and to the audience’s immense delight the love birds have reunited after a brief period of staying apart.

Another positive aspect of the episode was Soha apologising her step mom and realising her mistake of hurting the good woman unnecessarily. The scenes between Fazila Qazi and Soha where they both clarified all the misunderstandings and embraced each other were brilliantly written and directed, leaving the viewers teary eyed and nostalgic.

This drama indeed is very close to the viewer’s hearts as the storyline is very ordinary and relatable and the actors have been giving out amazing performances especially Rabab Hashim and Syed Jibran are displaying amazing on-screen chemistry as a couple making us fall in love with them in every episode. Although it’s their first play together, both talented actors have managed to pull together flawless onscreen chemistry, fitting into the skin of their respective characters perfectly.

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As expected on her return back home, Soha was not greeted warmly by Mohsin’s mother and eldest sister Jahan Ara, who still has venemous feelings for Soha as her marriage was called off on her big day due to Mohsin and Soha’s marriage but acting upon her step mom’s advice Soha kept her calm and expressed her happiness of being back to her own house and uniting with Mohsin.

With Mohsin and Soha together again after realizing their mistakes, we are excited to find out how the duo will face the obstacles that life throws at them now and how their new born will transform their married life and make it more prosperous.

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