Meray Pass Tum Ho Scores A Higher IMBD Rating Than Game Of Thrones?

(Last Updated On: December 12, 2019)

If there is one drama these days who is keeping everyone glued to the small screen , it is the Humayun Saeed and Ayeza Khan starrer Meray Pass Tum Ho which has become a must watch every Saturday night but has its popularity really beaten the IMBD rating of the popular international series Game of Thrones ?

Meray Pass Tum Ho Scores A Higher IMBD Rating Than Game Of Thrones?

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Well according to the latest buzz it was reported that it had but going by a leading daily namely Dawn Images when one googles Meray Pass Tum Ho it shows a rating of 9.9 but when one goes to the dramas IMBD page than it shows the rating of 7.7 whereas Game of Thrones scored an IMBD rating of 9.4 which is outstanding.

So with the news not exactly correct we do hope that the drama does break records but to compare it to a masterpiece like Game of Thrones seems a bit childish .

But what exactly is an IMBD ?Well it is an independent rating system which stands for Internet Movie Database and it is what many people rely on before seeing whether they should watch a certain content or not.

Directed by Nadeem Baig who has given us back to back hits in the form of movies and plays , we personally love Meray Pass Tum Ho but when we heard that it had beaten Game of Thrones well that left us doubtful but non the less the drama is a great watch and we hope that even the coming episodes are just as interesting as the ones we have viewed so far.