Meray Pass Tum Ho Ep 17 In Review : Mehwish Gets What She Deserves

(Last Updated On: December 8, 2019)

The sign of a good drama is when you are emotionally involved and that is exactly what is going on between us and Meray Pass Tum Ho which has us rooting for Danish but not at all for Mehwish who for the love of money has left her loving husband and son but last night the set back which she received left us jumping with joy .

Meray Pass Tum Ho Ep 17 In Review

Directed by Nadeem Baig and written by Khalil ur Rehman Qamar , the truth is that in the beginning we found the story too slow but after Mehwishs involvement with Shahwar the story picked up pace as the trio Humayun Saeed , Ayeza Khan and Adnan Siddiqui are truly doing a great job for portraying such characters with ease .

So why was last nights episode so important ? Well read along to find out in case you missed it .

Danish Hits A Jackpot

Yes guys the innocent Danish is now ultra rich and lives in a big house as his luck in the stock exchange did wonders for him but the best thing about him is that he remains humble and tries to be happy but with glimpses of Mehwish wherever he goes the hurt hits at him like a sharp knife.

Rumi Tries To Be A Match Maker

One of the sweetest child actors to emerge recently , the scenes between Rumi and Danish are the best as we see a son and father duo who are trying their best to carry on with their life by being each others support system but where he is thrilled for his father right there he wants him to settle as well with Hania essayed by Hira Mani as he feels she would be perfect for him and tries to convince her in the cutest way possible.

Mehwish Is On Cloud Nine

Now one character who is very selfish happens to be Mehwish played wonderfully by Ayeza Khan as she is all set to marry Shahwar and is basically roaming around the city as if she owns it but with minutes away from the happy ending a twist took place wich left us startled.

The Slap

Most unexpected yet thrilling , we were not expecting Sawera Nadeem to be Shahwars wife as we assumed it would be Kubra Khan but her enterance in the drama is most welcomed as she plays the confident wife who gives his husbands mistress a tight slap for trying to take her place and that we liked as it is about time to show wives as full of confidence in stead of sitting in a corner and weeping that another woman had entered her place .

So with a welcomed twist in the plot , Meray Pass Tum Ho is unpredictable as it is a perfect blend of love , loss and revenge all rolled in to one which honestly makes it a must watch for us every Saturday night only on ARY Digital.