Meet With ‘Wajahat Ali’ Another Underground Singer

(Last Updated On: August 14, 2015)

Meet With 'Wajahat Ali' Another Underground SingerPreviously we introduced Muhammad Hamza on as a future rockstar and this time we found a friend of him. We are talking about Wajahat Ali who have also good voice like his friend and both of them have same qualities mean both are singers, guitarist and composer.

Information of Wajahat Ali:

Actually my mind is not working right now and I don’t know what should I write in his info but am gonna write little info of wajahat.

Full Name: Wajahat Ali
Interest: Singing, Guitar, Writing
Location: Rawalpindi
Plans: He wants to do independent and background singing.

Song by Wajahat Ali:

Recently He has  sung a song “Beetey Lamhe Wo Yaad Hain” which is also written by him. So, we are going to share that song here with a hope that all of you will listen to him and will support him to become a good singer in the future.

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