Meet With Rj Shabaz Khan (Exclusive Interview)

(Last Updated On: February 8, 2016)

Today we have a very talented personality with us on MuzEnt, He is not only a Rj but is singer as well and most important is that he very down to earth person. Rj Shabaz recently released his first ever Romantic Mashup of 2016, while before this he has already released his debut song and many cover songs as well. So, today we will have Exclusive Interview of Rj Shbaz Khan on MuzEnt.

Meet With Rj Shabaz Khan (Exclusive Interview)
Q1: First of all I want to say you a hearty welcome on
Thank you!, its a pleasure of being here with you.
Q2: How are you?
Alhamdulillah,much blessed,
Q3: what’s going on now a days?
Now a day busy with my music and studies too.Working on different projects,Trying to make good and quality music for my listeners and fans.
Q4: We’ll will ask a lot of things from you but before that we want to ask about recent mashup? what was the idea behind this romantic mashup?
I had already covered a few songs like Ik Pyar Ka Naghma,Lambi Judai such an amazing response from all over the world.specially India and Pakistan,i decided to bring something new,which ended making a mashup,this Mashup is Composed of 3 songs.i tried my best to bring it on.and Alhamdulillah its rocking out there.

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Q5: So, now tell us something about your self like education, activities etc.
I am a university student.i also want to continue my education with my music,i am in bahria univ Islamabad,and Its 2 years more for my degree,
Extra circular sports,i am not much into sports.i love history,and exploring new this rather than sports.
Q6: How you became Rj? It was you passion?
i worked as an rj on was a passion but later i had to leave because of music.i wanted to divert all my concentrations towards music,
Q7: You are also a good singer as well, So, have you any plan for official track?
Alhamdulillah i have done my official debut single “SAJNA” which was on air on all the music channels in Pakistan and a few in india nd UK,Sajna gave me a good response,nd people loved it,it was written and composed by WAQAS ALI from Pakistan Idol,
INSHALLAH i ill be doing a new official music video soon.

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Q8: what are your plans for future?
I just want me degree to complete,then i would gv all my time to music,making new things and would join TV practically,I have many plans and i hope i would do much for my fans,

Q9: what do you want to say to your fans?
My fans are my family,i love them and they are the most worth it.i hope they keep loving and supporting me as always.
Love you all .

Q10: Any message for your listeners?
I would say all the people to appreciate every person effort,because it may be a 3 minutes song for them but is a months hardwork of the artist,
Respect every artist because they are the real assets and representatives of our country.