Meet SoosieAudo the Owner of GASA Apparel

(Last Updated On: May 27, 2021)

SoosieAudo is an artist who recently came out with a clothing line called GASA Apparel, and his album is all set to be released on September 18th on all major music platforms. SoosieAudio used to record morning vibes’ videos “Momentum of the day” for sharing in different Facebook groups to inspire people. Not just this but He will also be doing “The Cannabis Conoisseur” which will come under the banner of Innovations Music LLC.

You can stream all of his songs on spotify and all major music stores.

Now let’s talk about his clothing line GASA Apparel. When we asked him how his clothing line started then He told us: “I started my GASA brand about a year ago. I had just come back from my annual cross country Cannabis tour and I was talking to my big Bro (T Money). We had a convo about how we should have our own brand of juice and syrup so once he said we should have it I went home and had a meeting of the minds with my lady and since she’s into space that’s how I came up with GASA. I tested the market wit a bunch of free stuff. The people loved it so it became a brand and we needed a slogan so another meeting of the minds and gasa turned into “good ass shit always”. Next thing was we needed a uniform so then I said forget buying it from them because they aren’t going to make it the way I want it. So it started with custom t-shirt and then moved on to where we are now. We have shorts, dresses, two pieces, onesies, short sets, hat masks, etc. And we’re going to make it the way you want it.”


He also helps others with branding by creating custom logos and apparel for them. Most importantly he is doing this to get his uncle Wayne “Akbar” Pray home from federal prison, who is currently serving a life sentence plus fifty years for a nonviolent offense.

Make sure to check out his custom apparel site i.e GASA Apparel. And also don’t forget to stream his music on Spotify and iTunes etc

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