Meet Bagi Munda a 21 Years old Rapper from Chandigarh

(Last Updated On: July 1, 2021)

Bagi Munda is a 21-year-old Punjabi rapper, he’s been active in Chandigarh scene rising through jam sessions and street cyphers since 2017, and has been dropping music independently. His stage name was derived and was given by the rappers that surrounded him and watched him grow and work selflessly for the scene and for himself because they considered him a rebel and gave him the name ‘Bagi Munda’.

A movement named Lehar started back in 2017 with the motive of wanting to bring rap off the internet and to the streets in which Bagi gave a hand in and is still organising cyphers. He believes that his music is gritty and cannot be confined or bounded in the limitations of the word genre, be it whatever genre it might seem like. ‘UNDERPASS: THE ALBUM’ is his debut album based on the sector 16/17 underpass of Chandigarh which connects Rose Garden and Plaza market where rappers, skaters, b’boys, and other artists hang out and practice and polish their skill sets.

The album consists of 11 tracks with boombap, drill and trap all over the place bringing out his skills to it’s finest. The album has been mix and mastered by @prodby_23. A track features @dox._ and the rest of the tracks are solo. To all the Punjabi rap lovers or to the non-lovers as well, this album will mend the perception created about Punjabi rap for sure, you’ll be able to find the link in @bagi.munda’s bio.

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