Maula-e-Kull by Abida Parveen [Ep 3 Coke Studio 9]

(Last Updated On: August 27, 2016)

Maula-e-Kull by Abida Parveen , is a testament that less is more and no person more apt to recite this than the maestro, Abida Parveen. With minimal production by music director Shani Arshad and lyrics that pierce through the soul, penned by Sabir Zafar – the idea behind the composition was to have Abida sing this heartfelt prayer without a rhythm or tempo placing the expressivity of her vocal prowess at the forefront. Using the classical raag played on the Sarod and a sound bed of percussions, Abida enthralls the listener with her vocals that are strikingly immersive and instantly captivating. The track builds up to ‘Haidari-am’ – the poetry of Lal Shahbaz Qalandar – a part that was suggested during the jam session and composed by Abida Parveen. The segment opens with a bass line and transforms into a dhamaal using the dhol as a backbone to create the rhythms played at shrines utilizing the western instruments and a pop/rock feel.

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Maula-e-Kull by Abida Parveen

Maula-e-Kull by Abida Parveen Song Credits:

Track: Maula-e-Kull
Artist: Abida Parveen
Music: Shani Arshad
Episode: 3
Season: Coke Studio Season 9

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