I’m Working on a Mainstream Type Tape that We’ll Hopefully Name “PESA PARTY PUSSY”: Marshal The Third

(Last Updated On: November 11, 2017)

Over the years The Desi scene has looked up to the West in terms of the influence of movies, music, fashion and lifestyle. A whole new soundscape has evolved and our artistes have incorporated a lot of new stuff in their music.

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Marshal The Third Interview

Govind Singh who goes by the moniker of Marshall The Third is a rapper from Delhi – What we might as well call the ‘Compton Of Indian Hip Hop’. He shot to fame with the track ‘Chal Chhad Chill‘ and has got industry support from the likes of Raftaar, Milind Gaba, Ankit Khanna etc.  Known for his versatility and slick rhyme schemes, he recently featured on a banger ‘OVERDOSE‘ – which is already going viral in the underground Hip Hop community.

Muzent.com had a chance to catch up and know more bout the whole vibe!

Q: What made you choose this ‘ Hip Hop ‘ Lifestyle?

Ans: I doubt if one would call my lifestyle, “HIPHOP”, I’m just trying to
keep working on my art (writing, rapping, making videos,designing etc)
and make a living out of it, Hoping to blow up someday, obviously!

Q: How has the soundscape evolved over the time?

Ans: Can’t say much, I think it has gotten more experimental, catchy and
simpler. Thankfully now you can buy some amazing beats from producers
from the across the world online.

Q: What impact do you think, your music will make on the scene?

Ans: My music will definitely shake things up a little, inspire more
experimental, relevant, creative artists and depress some ongoing
overrated giants.

Q: Your experience on working on OVERDOSE with CHARAN?

Ans: Charan is perhaps the most musical/beautiful banda right now in the
underground, makes me want to stop acting like a bitch and learn some
actual music for once.

Q: You’ve been coming out and bashing some of these rappers – It makes things a lil controversial.. Views?

Ans: Yeah..I hate them.

Q:What is in the store? Upcoming Projects and Collabs?

Ans: A collaboration with Hashim (BIG H) and Puneet Kohli will probably drop next.
Working on a mainstream type tape with Puneet Kohli that we’ll hopefully name “PESA PARTY PUSSY” or something completely different like “PARTY PESA PUSSY”. Two more videos from Marshall Meltdown will drop soon. More disses, memes, verse predictions and unexpected collabs.


Q: Your TOP 5 from the DESI HIP HOP scene?

Ans: Apart from rappers who have already blown up (Badshah, Raftaar, Fateh
Doe, Guru Lahori, Divine, Naezy) I would say Young Bone, Uday Bakshi, Mohan Singh, Hashim Ishaq and Puneet Kohli.

Too close bando ko bhi hata dein tou. Uday Bakshi, Mohan Singh, Keepsake, Raga and XoXoXo Marshall Singh.

Q: Message to your fans / supporters and other aspiring artistes?

Ans: To fans/supporters – Great taste, please continue. To aspiring artists- Stop making rap music about rap music.only.

Interview Courtesy : Ministry Of Media