Maharaaj Proved Its Self A Raja of All Rap Songs [Review]

(Last Updated On: December 1, 2015)

Few days ago we have shared Maharaaj Song By Suraj & Ghauri and we were thinking about to write a review on it but due to shortage of time we forbade that but today we are going to write exclusive review on Maharaaj by Suraj & Ghauri but before writing anything else we want to let you know about team behind Maharaaj song. So have a look at details of the song.

Maharaaj Proved Its Self A Raja of All Rap Songs [Review]

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Maharaaj Song Details:

► Track: Maharaaj
► Artist: Suraj & Ghauri
► Album: Maharaaj [EP]
► Music/Audio-Production: BCL Blade
► Video Director in Germany: AMO Films
► Video Director in Pakistan: Rana Talha Akhtar [Co-Directed with Ghauri]
► DOP/Post-Processing: Vibez Studio
► Publishing: Asian Music Publishing [AMP], AMD and Believe Music

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Maharaaj Song Review:

Lets talk about the review, we are going to discuss Music, Vocals and Video in the exclusive review of Maharaaj song. So here with go;

Music of Maharaaj Review:

Music is very important thing of the song and sometimes people loves music more than all things of the song. If talk about the music then music for Maharaaj is produced by BCL Blade and they had made a perfect music for the song which completely make a perfect collaboration with the vocals.

Video Of Maharaaj Song Review:

Now lets talk about the video of the song. If you gonna ask from us that how many stars we will give to the video? then we will give 5 Stars to the video of maharaaj and reason of it is that they perfectly recorded the video. And one thing more which we want to tell you that is they had given High Class Effects into the video which made us to say wow.

Vocals of Maharaaj Song:

We have taken this part at end because in title of this post we wrote Maharaaj Proved Its Self A Raja of All Rap Songs which means that our main focus was on vocals of the song. Before we discuss anything more, we should clear one thing that Suraj is doing Rap in Punjabi while Ghauri is doing Rap in Urdu & English in Maharaaj song.

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Suraj started this song by his mind blowing and flow fully voice while Ghauri nailed it with his Funkari Baaten. One thing you will also notice that both have their own different style and they are also different from all typical underground rappers who just know to say ohh yeah aahh yeah.

Final Words:

First of we want to appology that we didn’t write this review a way which we wanted to write but all that happened due to shortage of time. So, we tried our best to write review about Maharaaj song by Suraj & Ghauri. So now its your time to watch and support their hardwork.

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