Livin’ or We Dying by Street Violater (Music Released)

(Last Updated On: April 24, 2017)

In the early of 2017 again he released a track called “Livin’ or we dying”.This came up again proving himself for his versatility eclectic lyrical skills bringing some Hardcore facts and dark side of his life experiences.our main intention behind the track is to let the people know about truth of life and ethics of humans.brotherhood is the relation I respect most and I really believe in.Even though i got many broke situations i never had a though of giving up on my career,I’m really proud of myself.These all scrap in my life motivated to move myself and get the work what i deserve.

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Livin' or we Dying by Street Violater

Livin’ or we Dying Song Credits:
Track: Livin’ or we Dying
Artist: Street Voilater
Music: Nicc

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