Khaadi Ignites The Spirit of Independence

(Last Updated On: August 10, 2019)

Khaadi, Pakistan’s premium retail and lifestyle brand, in continuation with its 2017 campaign ‘Mein Bhi Pakistani Hoon’ reignites the spirit of independence by collaborating with the legendary Abida Parveen; a stunning rendition of Jug Jug Jiye Pakistan.

This heart wrenching song shows how the power of a wish surpasses diversity and religions. It focuses on inclusiveness and the union of skin colors, languages and beliefs and makes you hum in harmony ‘jug jug jiay maira payara watan’, a wish, a prayer, a song of unity and togetherness.

Reaffirming Khaadi’s commitment to Pakistan, the company has pledged to donate 100% of its 14th August sales towards building a better Pakistan.   ‘We owe our success, our lives, our opportunities, our identity to Pakistan This is our home – we are everything because of it. It is our duty to do what it takes to ensure our country’s existence and prosperity, said Founder & CEO, Shamoon Sultan.

This event was attended by well-known personalities like Areeba Habib, Sunita Marshal, Abeer Rizvi,Iram Noor Muzaffar, Maliha Rao, Raheel Rao, Nikhar Riaz, Mira Ansari, Wardah Saleem, Nubain Ali, Yawar & Zainab Muhammad.

The song was conceived by JWTGREY and directed by Jami