Kathy Ingraham’s latesrt single ‘Cherish’ is just WOW

(Last Updated On: October 27, 2019)

Today we are reviewing a brand new track Cherish by very talented singer Kathy Ingraham. But before that You should read the more info about the track.

Cherish Song Info

Kathy Ingraham-Vocals
Pete Levin-Keyboard
Joel Rosenblatt-Drums
Elliott Randall-Guitars

Cherish Song Review

For the very first time, when I played the song with closed eyes, it gave me some goosebumps I said ‘woho it’s amazing, it’s something more than superb.

Kathy has perfect grip over the vocals and her voice has a magic, while if talk about the musical side of the song then how can I ignore Pete, Joel, Elliott who has done music so perfectly and made cherish more cherish. And the lyrics You can feel the real feelings of the words with beautiful combination of Kathy’s vocals.

You should must check out cherish by Kathy Ingraham in below music player & don’t forget to check more awesome tracks on her official site by clicking here.