Kami Sid Opens up About the Struggles Faced by the Transgender Community in ‘Beautiful Confessions with Asma Nabeel’

(Last Updated On: September 1, 2020)

Our society has always put hurdles for women who wish to seek their desires, and when it comes to transgender people, it is not less than living in a hell. The term ‘transgender’ is considered a taboo in Pakistan.

Kami Sid Opens up About the Struggles Faced by the Transgender Community in ‘Beautiful Confessions with Asma Nabeel’

It is a much-hushed topic, and nobody wants to talk about it. In an episode of ‘Beautiful Confessions with Asma Nabeel’, Asma welcomed a transgender woman Kami Sid, the first Pakistani trans person to rise to fame as a fashion model and a trans rights activist in Pakistan. In the first part of the interview, Kami Sid talked about the difficulties that the people of her community have to face in our society.

Kami also spoke up about the struggles she has faced till now, and how difficult it was for her to be accepted even after becoming a famous model. Coming from a family of primitive mindsets, Kami grew up in some tough situations. She believes it is very important to understand our gender-identity and be at peace with how we are created. Kami talked about how unlike the other children of any family, it is only transgender people who are always there for their parents, be it financial support or emotional support.

Transgender community has always been a target of inequality in Pakistan where they have been assaulted and harassed and are just considered to be entertainers, beggars or sex workers. It was heart-breaking to see Kami Sid talk about this devastating fact as she opened up about things she has went through being a part of this community. It is high time that we accept them to be humans to make things easier for them to live happily with a goal.
It was heart-wrenching and inspiring to listen to Kami’s story on ‘Beautiful Confessions with Asma Nabeel’. Acclaimed producer Sadia Jabbar has brought ‘Beautiful Confessions’, a web series, along with acclaimed screenwriter and cancer-survivor Asma Nabeel to bring to light the untold stories of unsung women heroes in Pakistan! You can catch up on the episode here.