We Just Stepping Up in Production House Things: Rapo

(Last Updated On: April 11, 2017)

Three gujrati boys including Rapo, Mixam and Mirza Nani established a DesiHipHop crew with the name of Puthi Topi Gang. Their aim is to help the coming artist for showcasing their talent in front of the whole world. We caught Noman Zafar aka Rapo and had a short interview;

Rapo Interview

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Q: its been a long time you didnt release any track? PTG is the result of that gap?
Ans: Umm you can say yeah but actually i was busy with some business shits but yeah i was a lot in PTG things and soon you gonna see what i was doing.

Q: Let us know about your future plans like any collaboration or single track is coming?
Ans: Yeah a lot music is done its in final process i mean really a lot of music unheard sounds and stuff what i personally feel which should be part of this desi hip hop thing..
Q: Sometimes ago you went to Pakistan. Tell us reason behind this tour, Whether it was for PTG?
Ans: Haha yeah i was in Pakistan few months back just for PTG we had a lot of music which was done so basically i was there just for videos and to make PTG a production house for young artists jo afford nai kr skte expensive things you know i been in these kinda situations but now Alhumdulilah i got things to work on music, music videos etc so basically we just stepping up in production house things..
Q: You were cutoff from underground for a long time, now what are you plans for comeback? Mainstream will be your priority or you will produce underground music?
Ans: Yeah that’s true i was not in underground things and still I’m not into it to be honest to me its nothin like underground music or main stream if music sounds good that’s enough for me, being underground or mainstream that makes me mentally limited so I don’t wanna put any kinda label with my name, when i make music there is nothing like underground or mainstream main thing to me is sound if its right I’m gonna do it, later someone can call it underground or mainstream but i don’t really think about these kinda things.
The main reason being cutoff with underground was just cuz i feel a lot of immature are there right now to me i feel like its waste of time because I’m too much busy with my things so i feel i ain’t got no time to focus on gossips or what someone is doin or what someone i saying I’m focused to my vision i just see that I don’t listen or see what’s going on in music scene right now.
Q: We have seen the teaser of PTG’s upcoming track but let us know when are you going to drop this bomb?
Ans: PTG is track is done and i think for hiphop community its something different as you can see it by teaser, sounds, video everything is real we created that last year, last year i was in Pakistan we chilling with my brother Mixam we were trying make the beat so we got the beat hook and everything just in couple of hours and that sounds dope we were curious about this project cuz it was really different a concept of the song was from another level so we planned to take it to next level by making videos and all that and we’ve done our best and hope the audience gonna like it, we finally releasing first track PTG on 15/04/2017 and if anybody like it please support give us your feedback that’ll be helpful for us.

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