Junoon & Vital Signs Will Be Performing in Lahore on 14 August

(Last Updated On: August 9, 2015)

Junoon & Vital Signs Will Be Performing in Lahore on 14 AugustAfter a long time the worldwide famous music bands Junoon and Vital Signs will be performing in lahore on 14, August in the memory of Army Public School Attack. Artists from both bands will come for the launch of “Dil Dildar….. Chand Sitar” which is a song for giving tribute to martyrs of APS.

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Shoaib Mansoor produced this video in the sponsorship of beverage company. The Pakistani Ex-Pop singer Junaid Jamshed told that; Incident of Peshawar attack was very sad for me is very important also. And for this incident Junaid Jamshed and his wife are coming from Birmingham to Lahore.  Vital Signs band performed last time in 1997 and after that the band didn’t give any type of performance because band was broken and all artists of Vital Signs started their solo career.

While Junaid Jamshed had left the Singing from 2001 but his relationship with the members of both bands are at the peak. When team members of both bands forced me and told the idea of the song then Junaid Jamshed asked them for a promise that music will not be added in the song.

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Shoaib Mansoor and other friends told that without music song will be uncompleted while music and your voice will be recorded when Junaid will be away from the scene. I didn’t accept or ignore the proposal but it was my desired to give tribute to martyrs of peshawar attack in my voice.

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