Junaid Akram Got His Verse Too in ‘Khalli Karao’,: Hashim Ishaq

(Last Updated On: May 23, 2017)

We caught Hashim Ishaq while shooting for his upcoming track Khalli Karao which is actually the remake version, and we had interview with Hashim Ishaq also Known as Big H. So, here we go;

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Junaid Akram Got His Verse Too in 'Khalli Karao',: Hashim Ishaq

Q: Khalli Karao is one of the best ever track of you till now, and we heard that you created this track after getting inspired by Junaid Akram? Is it true?
Ans: Yes the title of the song is inspired by Junaid Akram, since he speaks on social causes with his sarcastic punch of humor, I chose to do the same but instead i made a track about it.

Q: As you’re in Karachi right now, and remaking this track? Tell us something about changes which you are going to make in this track.
Ans: Ever since i decided to re-record it, I did not want it to sound like the previous one, so i approached Dj Abdur. i went to his studio with Junaid Akram and we recorded the track and then i gave the track to Young Bone, he remixed the beat, mixed and mastered the vocals and surprised me with the final product.

Q: You guys have shared shooting’s picture alongside Junaid Akram, is he going to be featured in this track?
Ans: Yes Junaid Akram got his verse too, he is featured on the track.

Q: Juaid Akram has already given support for Khalli Karao, so tell us the story behind this? mean how did you approach him and how did you show him your track?
Ans: Junaid Akram has been very supportive, it was about a year ago when i recorded the track and decided to name it “Khalli karao” and before releasing it i sent the track to Junaid Akram and he really loved it, he asked me to email it to him and then when i released the track, he shared it. and that gave me alot of exposure.

Q: How was the experience while shooting with Young Bone, DJ Abdur and Junaid Akram?
Ans: Shooting with Dj Abdur, Young Bone and Junaid Akram was real fun, we enjoyed shooting the video, it was a great collaborative effort, everyone gave their 100% in the video. we had more boys that helped us including Choudhry Jamal, Azhar Ali and Qalax.

Q: Would you like to tell us that when will this song get released?
Ans: This song will get released on Eid, Marshall the third will be editing the video by then.