Julia Thomsen – Beauty Inside And Out

(Last Updated On: December 24, 2020)

Julia Thomsen knows neo-classical like the back of her hand. It is paying off with her new release ‘Beauty Inside And Out’ taken from her latest EP, ‘Sea Energise’.

Julia Thomsen – Beauty Inside And Out

Originally from Scotland, Julia has been living in London for a considerable number of years, and it appears that she has learnt from the greats over the years. She brings a refreshing and relaxing sound, but she also blends plenty of influence from yesteryear for good measure.

‘Beauty Inside And Out’ for me is the perfect tv show soundtrack. It pushes us into a new world with its serene feel, and it is impossible not to feel yourself drifting away with its elegant arrangement. It gets underway with a soft piano performance which brings joy and happy memories instantly.

The intro gradually increases into a more significant section with a synth lead carrying the track forward with harmonic qualities. It induces a new essence to the mix, and I relish the direction. Towards the midsection, we gradually take a step back with the instruments getting softer ahead of a more triumphant section with the keys picking up the courage and the synth becoming even more present in the background.

As the track plays out, it carries us away with certainty, but it knows when to pull us back down to the ground with it often switching pace. It closes beautifully and leaves us pining for another play.

As far as neo-classical compositions go, ‘Beauty Inside And Out’ is up with the most exquisite. It is also just one of many gems from the new EP, ‘Sea Energise,’ and I also found delight with ‘Starlight’ and ‘Evoke’.