Jamnapaar is the Compton of Desi Hip Hop – SNIPER

(Last Updated On: February 27, 2018)

That’s how SNIPER describes the feeling a true beast gets on the mic and pounces on the beat. His latest music video ‘ MUJRIM 666 ‘ – directed by Romi Kahlon [ Mori Kaalu ] is making waves in the scenes.

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Sniper Interview

Feelings suppressed, SNIPER lashes out on his critics and the ones who tried to pull him down. His roar-like vocals backed by a smooth trap vibe and a lucid flow do the rest of the job..

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Q: What is the inspiration behind MUJRIM & Your stage name ‘SNIPER’ ?

Ans: The inspiration behind MUJRIM is my original hardcore style filled with rage and lyrical bloodshed. The roots go back to the hood and all the gang stuff I’ve seen – These motherfuckers can’t even dream of 💯🔥
SNIPER – The name speaks for itself – A silence seeker, sound of a gun-shot.. BANG!

Q: Tell us about your influences in the rap-game and your Top-5 International & Desi Rappers.

Ans: BOHEMIA & Honey Singh would be the only desi rappers who have Influenced me – been bumpin that Kali Denali & VOL 1 in my car since the good old days. My taste in International music is diversified. I listen to each and every genre closely, no matter what. Music lives in me, although I have a special ear for the trap and mumble vibe

Here goes the current Top-5 rulin my playlist :

  1. Kendrick Lamar
  2. Travis Scott
  3. A$ap Rocky
  4. XXXtenacion
  5. Young Thug

Q: What role does JAMNAPAAR play in your life?

Ans: JAMNAPAAR is my hood, my blood. I don’t live in JAMNAPAAR.. JAMNAPAAR lives in me.
Everything you see in my music is a showcase of the hustle-bustle and the streets, my experience of 21 YEARS of my life which I’ve spent here – be it smackin some dudes on the road , with bats – no gats or glocks or smokin that green on the ever-green #chajja

Q: You were accused of jacking RAGA’s style – Your views on the controversy?

Ans: Oh lord, I’ve been hearing this crap for a while now, lemme address this – I started RAPPING in HINDI before RAGA. When I was on that lovey-dovey shit, There was no RAGA. JAMNAPAAR is the Compton of Desi Hip Hop, So the hardcore style might co-exist, but the subject-matter, bars and experiences differ completely.. like a north-south pole difference. Much love to RAGA tho – while you fools busy debating, we were talking about a collab. Straight murda bitchez!

Q: What is the main motive behind your music?

Ans: My main motive is to spread positive vibes and the culture of my hood-talks, focusing on real melodies provided by the G O D of music. Entertain and Enlighten🤘

Q: Future Plans, Upcoming Music & Collaborations?

Ans: Future plans and surprises are on your way – 18 is full of Aiyyaashiyaan and Surprises with a lot of collaborations and stuff!

Q: Message To Your Listeners / Fans?

Ans: First of all, I’d like to thank each and everyone supporting me since Day-1. The love you all shower is unexpected, every track builds up expectations and a different kinda hype. Tumhaare Liye Jaan Haazir Hai – I’ll do anything and everything for you!

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