It’s Worth Listening : Fronterror Album Review

(Last Updated On: September 12, 2018)

Hey guys, I hope you are doing good. Today we are going to review a brand new music album Fronterror by a very talented band Harmless Habit. But before I share the review let me share the details of the songs included in album.

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It's Worth Listening : Fronterror Album Review

Fronterror Album Songs List

These songs are included in the album

  1. Fronterror
  2. Freakshow
  3. Damage Control
  4. My Distraction
  5. Tight!
  6. Not Afraid To Die

Fronterror Album Review

Finally here I am writing up the review of the fresh and brand new album Fronterror by Harmless Habit band. The review will be divided in three parts, So here we go;

Concept of Fronterror

First of all if we talk about the concept of the album then it is far different from any other typical album. Like you might have heard different albums of different artists but all of them have a same typical concept but as for as we talk about the concept of Fronterror album it is much better.

One thing more which you will notice is that they are releasing videos of all of the songs in flow like episode one, episode two… while in other albums people only releases audio songs or one or two videos only. This is the matter which is making Fronterror different from all others.

Music & Vocals

Music is the soul and vocals are body parts of a song, now let’s talk about the music of entire album and believe me the music of the album is next level and vocals are having perfect grip over the beats and drums (music).


In above two sections I have talked about the concept and music and now here I am throwing light over the music videos. Again I will mention that I loved the way in which they are releasing their videos while direction, concept, storylines almost everything is superb.


At end of the review I will just say that every thing of the entire album is superb, whether it’s music, vocals, concepts, lyrics or videos everything is on point and that is the reason I mentioned in title that it’s worth listening. So, guys must listen this album and do subscribe their YouTube channel by clicking here.