Is Naimal Khawar Pakistan’s top trending person of 2019?

(Last Updated On: December 12, 2019)

With the year reaching drawing close to its end, Google released its list for most searched people in Pakistan this year and guess what, Naimal Khawar Khan tops the list.

It’s no surprise though as the the former actor got married to fellow “former” actor Hamza Ali Abbasi in August this year and their low key wedding became the talk of the town for a while.

Naimal’s simple look for the Nikkah was discussed for weeks later because she had opted to do her own make up and wore her mother’s traditional ensemble instead of getting dolled up from a high profile make up artist and donning a high end designer couture.

Also Naimal had become the source of much talk on social media after her announcement of bidding farewell to the media industry.

Moreover, Hamza and Naimal’s wedding pictures also kept making rounds on social media for quite a while and people could not get over swooning over them. Hence, the gorgeous lady become Google’s most trending person in Pakistan for the year.

Pakistan’s top 10 Google searches for people also include Waheed Murad, Alizeh Shah, Adnan Sami, Mohammad Aamir, Sara Ali Khan and Madiha Naqvi.