Is Kubra Khan the next Pakistani celebrity to quit acting after Hamza Ali Abbasi?

Kubra Khan feels that Alif was godsent to her.

(Last Updated On: November 26, 2019)

Alif was a good omen, shared Kubra Khan, saying that she felt as if the character of Husn-e-Jahan had a lot to do with her real self.

“Alif came to me at a point where I was… not in the best place. I was in a dark place in my life at that point,” told the actor in an interview with BBC Asian Network. “Some people may admit to it and some may not, but I think everyone goes through that point where they just don’t know what’s happening anymore,” she added.

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Kubra said that she had been receiving work offers but it was at this point she started to question herself whether she wanted to continue working in this industry. 

In the hit drama series Alif airing on Geo Entertainment, Kubra Khan plays the role of an admired actress and a prolific dancer, Husn-e-Jahan, who gave up everything to marry the man of her dreams and moved to Turkey.

Kubra Khan also explained in the interview that Husn-e-Jahan’s connection to her husband is rooted in the love of the Almighty.

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“It’s love for a human, sure, but that human stands for something else, something more than that for Husn e Jahan. The reason she fell in love with him is because of the love he had for Allah, and the spirituality he carried with him. She fell in love with that because she had never experienced that before.”

“The way she started connecting with herself and with Allah was something she had never even thought about before. When she comes back [to Pakistan] and she’s dancing again — she’s dancing again, but her soul is dead.”

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She further shared that she didn’t just act Husn e Jahan; she thinks she lived the character. It changed her life so much that she really became engrossed into it.

Putting light on misconceptions that people usually hold for actors, Kubra said: “Husn e Jahan is in the entertainment industry, but nobody knows what’s her core. I’m in the entertainment industry too, but nobody knows my core either. I’m [known as] that person who has an item song — but nobody knows what I do at home or that I pray or have a connection with Allah.”

Host Haroon Rashid also asked her, “You are considering ending this all. You’re not in this for the long run, to which Kubra responded, “Yeah.”

Fortunately, Alif has called her towards the peaceful aura found when bent before Allah. The actress has had a spiritual awakening and is now reconsidering her career choices.

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Kubra Khan is the second celebrity in recent history to be considering giving up an acting career for a more spiritual path in life. Just a few days ago, Hamza Ali Abbasi also announced that he would be leaving the industry to go down a more religious path. He did make it clear that he was not implying that acting or films are against Islam but that he wanted to spend more time on other more religious affairs.

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