Iqra Reza Launches Exotique Unstiched Jacquard Collection

(Last Updated On: November 4, 2019)

After the successful launch of ‘Cataleya Luxury Chiffon Collection’, ace fashion designer, entrepreneur and healer, Iqra Reza launches Exotique Unstitched Jacquard Collection 2019.  The collection showcases six different outfits and will be available in all leading stores online nationwide.

Iqra Reza Launches Exotique Unstiched Jacquard Collection

Iqra Reza has collaborated with one of Pakistan’s leading textile companies – Noor Textile, to give unstitched fabric a new dimension. After the success of her first project ‘Cataleya Luxury Chiffon Collection,’ she now introduces her new collection Exotique – featuring six incredible designs using the jacquard fabric, where every design is a masterpiece on its own.

Commenting on the collection, Iqra Reza says, “the Exotique collection is a narration of the natural beauty and profusion of life that resides within the woman.  The feminine form has always been a muse, an exotic being for artists through history. Once worshipped in various cultures, she now fights her way to a place that rightfully belongs to her. Brimming with effeminate opulence, garnished with floral motifs we have delved into some of the many colours that embody the ‘woman of today’. Exotique is a celebration of the feminine splendour be it in whichever shape, size or form it takes.”

The collection showcases stunning hues with an interplay of intricate and bold patterns. Catering to the need of the modern woman, Reza also provides versatile cuts and ways of styling the fabric to complement the many hates our modern woman skilfully juggles in a given day.

Iqra Reza has multiple projects in the pipeline including another fashion collection, details of which will be disclosed at a later date.