Iqra Aziz got Legal Notice but Why?

(Last Updated On: May 7, 2018)

When you are working in showbiz industry you have to go through a lot of things and signing contracts is one of them, And when you have successfully signed a contract with someone then you have to follow the things which are mentioned in that contract. But some people break their contract before it’s ending time which is illegal and the same thing Iqra Aziz had done.

Iqra Aziz got Legal Notice

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According to few sources we came to know that Iqra Aziz were signed with Citrus Talent but iqra broke her contract with them and did a advertisement shoot with Ms. Maida Azmat of Mint PR and Image Consultancy.

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You can see what Fahad Hussain the CEO of Citrus Talent said.

So, today in this article we just talked about the Iqra Aziz got Legal Notice from Citrus Talent and do let us know what do you guys think about this? Stay Tuned with MuzEnt for more latest Pakistani showbiz news and gossips.