Introducing Young Bone

(Last Updated On: August 27, 2016)

Last time we introduced Wiki Rana and today we’re Introducing Young Bone whose real name is Syed Osama Ali while one of his friend has suggested his stage name to him.

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Now a days Young Bone is working on various future projects including one untitled video and it also included a collaboration with a producer who he don’t want to disclose right now. “I keep my projects secret till i intend to release them, there is a lot of material that might never be heard but its still recorded.”, He told.

Introducing Young Bone

If talk about his favorite artists then Assen Hyder aka DrAssenator is his favorite rapper due to unique voice and Sunny Khan for his perfection & Hashim Ishaq for catchy ideas and lyrics.

Young Bone said; “I can’t judge or favorite any Punjabi rapper because i can’t understand much of Punjabi so all that i see is their flow and concepts behind their tracks”

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He Gained recognition that mattered from the song Nafsiyati Mareez that had that slim shady influence, it was a tribute to him. the best thing about that track was that i could say anything and everything that i felt absurd and go away with it.

He has also given a message to rappers “Get out of the YouTube beats/remix phase, make tracks which are more than just 3 verses and a chorus. Give meaning to your tracks , give them concepts make. Get some thing from your own life to give the track an identity even though Nafsiyati Mareez was an influence from EM but the lyrics i used were from my own life and the humor i used was my own making. Let your lyrics reflect you.”

I love what MuzEnt is doing by introducing hiphop artist in their website unlike other websites. Hiphop in Pakistan has the potential to be the future of music in Pakistan and MuzEnt knows what its doing/