Introducing Laraib Gardezi From Superior College Rawalpindi

(Last Updated On: October 22, 2015)

Laraib GardeziIn this fastest era of the music every second person is musician or singer or sometimes we found everything in just a person but its really hard to find a real talent. Recently we have found a real talent from the Superior College Rawalpindi and the name of the artist is Laraib Gardezi. But before talking about her have a look on another singer Muhammad Hamza from the same college in which Laraib is studying. So, here we go;

Laraib Gardezi is the young talented singer from Rawalpindi who is recently studying in the superior college and she has a perfect grip on her voice. If I say that there is strange magic in her voice then it would not be wrong.

Basic Information of Laraib Gardezi:

Full Name:  Laraib Tahir Gardezi
Education: Doing FSc (Pre Medical)
Musical Career: She has a strong musical career in future
Struggling From: She is struggling from her school level

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Musical Background of Laraib Gardezi:

As above I mentioned that she is struggling from at least three or more year and IN SHA ALLAH she will get her desired place very soon in music world. But if here I talk about her musical background then Laraib has done many live performances in her school and college as well. I forgot to mention one thing that Laraib put her contribution for winning of Red team in Superior Night 2015. She also got many awards for her different performances.

Upcoming Thoughts:

Well what I can say about her thoughts but I can say just one thing that Laraib will be a great singer of Pakistan if she won’t give up 🙂 So, kindly support her by liking her facebook page and also share this article with your friends so more and more people may know about our real talent 🙂

Watch The Exclusive Performance by Laraib Gardezi

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