Introducing Johnny JD The Rap God Of Rap From Sialkot

(Last Updated On: January 27, 2016)

After a long a time today we are going to introduce any artist on Today we have Jhony JD with us who is the Rap God of Punjabi Rap from Sialkot so, in this post today we will reveal his story of hardwork nd all things and problems which he faced while he was making his career. So, here you go;

Introducing Jhony JD The Rap God Of Rap From Sialkot

Basic Info Of Jhony JD:

Name: Junaid Hussain Butt
Education: O’level and still studying
City: Sialkot
Musical Career: He started Rap singing in the age of just 8 in 2005 and still he is doing rap.

Success Story of Jhony JD:

So, here we are going to share his story that how he took start and which type of problems he faced in his career.

Jhony JD was much inspired by BOHEMIA who is the creator and Badshah of Punjabi rap, so after getting inspiration by him Jhonny started to do the rap in just age of 8 years and it was the year 2005. So, when his family and some friends of him listened to him then they said to him that you have talent and you can do it. So, from that day to onward he is learning and doing rap dy by day.

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While he was making his career no one helped him out and didn’t even support him, He was the only person who was doing backstage and on the stage work for Jhony JD.

In the future his planning is very big and He will release his album and will also do collaboration and release some of his single songs to be released in this year or next. He also told us that the Lyrics, music, mixing and mastering and every other thing of the song will be managed by himself alone.

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Now move towards his song and some achievement which he got. Johnny JD has released two of his official single songs while have made collaboration with many artists. I also want to mention one thing here that Johnny JD is first one who started rap in sialkot and still there is no one rapper like him in sialkot, In short he is the rap god of sialkot.

Final Words:

So, today we have introduced Johnny JD on our blog and now it’s your turn to promote him and support him. In coming days we will also introduce many talented artists. Till that stay blessed and Take Care.

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