Introducing Ali Kaz on MuzEnt

(Last Updated On: August 22, 2016)

Ali Imran Kazmi also Known by his stage name “Ali Kaz” or “KAZ” is a Pakistani born Canadian rapper, lyricist, actor and director. Ali Kaz is best known for his conceptual rap music, energetic rap flow, internal rhyming and double timing on beats. His understanding of HipHop as a culture and his rap flow in the “Breathless Punjabi Rap Video” video made his fans call him “The Rap Machine”. Ali Kaz also has the honor of writing an electrifying army song for Pakistan Army which even gives goose bumps to the enemies when they listen to Ali Kaz’s “Fauj Da Jawan” song.

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Ali Kaz
Ali Kaz was born and raised in the city of Rawalpindi, Punjab. “I love visiting Rawalpindi City and go to the streets I grew up in” says Ali Kaz. “This city taught me a lot of things and I miss the street culture” he said in a phone interview.

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At the age of 16 Ali Kaz had to leave for China because of his conviction in illegal street racing and assaulting highly ranked police officer which he was pardoned later on. Ali Kaz started a new life in China and lived there for 6 years and grew up listening to HipHop and Rap. Growing up Ali Kaz was inspired by Eminem, Busta Rhyme, 50 Cent, Tupac Shakur, Biggie, DMX, Nas, Xhibit,The Game, Snoop Dogg, NWA and of course Bohemia. Ali Kaz said “I used to give covers for Eminem songs in front of huge crowds in Chinese clubs”.
Later on due to undisclosed reasons he had to leave China and moved to Canada to start all over again. Ali Kaz did not have the same lavish lifestyle as he had in China. New country came with new challenges. “I fought for success, I fought for better future, I struggled for 3 years before I could get my life together and settled down”.

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3 years later Ali Kaz noticed that Pakistan Army is losing it’s favoritism among the civilians due to impact of Martial Law aftermath and gaining popularity of Desi HipHop encouraged Ali Kaz to write “Fauj da Jawan” and enter the world of Desi HipHop Underground Artists. Since then Ali Kaz has been considered one of the top Desi HipHop Underground Artists.